Every online casino has a mix of virtual and live games. Virtual games are those that you play against a computer program. Online slots, bingo, baccarat, blackjack, roulette ate all virtual games because they are actually computer programs. Live games are played against live dealers. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat have live versions as well where yo lay bets against a live dealer. Read this article to know more about online casino games.


What are online slots?

Online slots are one of the most popular games in any online casinos. These deliver the same gaming experience as the ones that you see in any land-based gambling parlor. Online slots are played on your computer, mobile device or tablet and that is why they are called so. Two types of online slots; Classic and Virtual slots. Classic slots are traditional in nature and are associated with fruits, candies, etc.

Video slots

Video slots have more functionalities than the Classic ones. Every video slot has a different theme,and a story line and comes with great sound effects, animation and graphics. Some of the more popular video slots are Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Hansel and Gretel, etc. Every video slot is defined by a few features such as RTP, and Volatility. To win an online slot, you need to land the symbols in a particular combination.

Online slots and their symbols

The most common symbols across video slots are Ace, Jack, King, Queen, and 10. There are other symbols too but they depend upon the slot's theme and story line. The Wild symbol works like a Joker as it can substitute for other symbols. Scatters help you unlock additional features such as more free spins, bonus symbols and bonus games. Not all online slots have Wilds and Scatters.

  • A slot having a high RTP is likely to get you good money
  • You might win big money in a short time while playing on a highly volatile slot


Another top casino game that you might consider playing is the roulette. It is a table based game and is available in the liver version as well. This game is played on a revolving wheel that is divided into a several numbered sections. When the croupier drops a ball on the wheel. players lay bets on the number on which the ball will fall and rest.

Bets are placed by keeping virtual chips on a roulette chart placed next to the wheel. This chart contains numbers from 0 to 36. each number put in a separate box. The outside part of the chart contains words like High, Low, Black, Red, Odd, Even, 1-18, 19-36, etc. There are two kinds of bets in online roulette-Inside and Outside. The former have low odds but high payouts.

Kinds of bets in online roulette

Inside bets are placed on individual numbers or groups of numbers. For example, you place a bet on the ball falling upon 1 or 2. Or you can place a bet on the ball falling upon 1,2,3,and 4. Outside bets are placed on words and number groupings located on the outer part of the chart, e.g. High and Low numbers, Black and Red, Odd and Even numbers, etc.

Types of roulette tables

Roulette has two versions- American and European, and except for a few minor differences, the two versions are broadly the same. In American roulette there is an additional section with 00. The European version has just a single 0. The odds also vary across the bets in both the two versions. Roulette is a high paying game, and you can win up to 35x your stake.

  • Choose a trustworthy online casino to lay roulette
  • If you are a newbie, start with Outside bets

Tips to win Online roulette

Find a roulette table that has very small minimum bets but very high maximum bets. This way, you won't lose much money if you lose your bet. Secondly, place small bets on High/ Low, Odd/ Even or Black/ Red. In case you win, take out a small percentage to wager again. Of course, you can walk away with all your winnings. On losing, double your original wager.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game and is played against a dealer. There are other players too in this game but you are playing essentially against the dealer. Playing and winning Blackjack requires luck and strategy. In order to win this game, you need to learn certain rules.Number cards have the numbers as their values, e.g. 10 has 10 value, 1 has 1 value and so on.

Card values

Every Face Card is valued as 10. An Ace is either a 1 or 11. Your objective is to beat the online dealer without crossing the total count of your cards at 21. If you have an Ace, and its value is tipping you beyond 21, consider its value as 1. If you have two cards ( Ace and Ten), you have a Blackjack Natural at 21.

While playing, you have two chances. In Hit, you can continue taking more cards until the value crosses 21. Else you can Stand and not take any more cards. There are a few other options for you. In Split, you can make two hands from one hand if both the cards have the same value. In Double Down, you double your wager and you get just one additional card.


Online Bingo

Bingo is another exiting card game for people playing for fun or money. This game is played on Bingo Cards that have several numbers printed on them. These numbers are placed in a 5x 5 square grid and there is BINGO written on top of every card. The goal of every player is to strike off either a vertical row or a horizontal one on the card.

You can also win if you manage to get the correct numbers in a sloping row. When some one cries out B-9, look out for the number or numbers that add to make 9. that combination can be 5 and 4, 6 and 3 and so on. If you can find that combo, place your virtual chip there. On finishing a row, you win the game and can win your bet too.

  • You can play on as many Bingo cards as you can
  • Play your games when the crowd is thinner

If you can manage to play with 4 Bingo cards, that is great. But you should be able to keep track of your numbers.Remember that your chances increase when you hold more cards. For example in a game having 20 players where every one has 1 card but you have 4 cards, your winning chances are 17%. If you have a limited budget, play with fewer cards but participate in more games.

Are all online casino games fair?

Every online casino is a fair and trustworthy gambling place. All its games are monitored by gambling regulators such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Government of Curacao. Gaming outcomes are unbiased and objective and the results are generated by Random Number Generators. These are actually complex computer programs. All RNG results can never be manipulated or predicted by others.

It is not easy to get these gambling licenses as the regulators check the casino's track record in making payments to its players. If you want to check a particular game on a specific casino, read some online reviews. This will help you come to a decision. Playing games in an online casino is super easy. Go to the Register/ Sign up section, click it and fill in all your details.

Most of the games that you see in an online casino can be played on your mobile device, tablet or computer. Some games can even be downloaded on your devices. You can play your favorite slot on iPhone, Android and Windows devices. It can be accessed by all the modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, and Internet Explorer. Create your online casino today and begin playing for real money.